Discover a proactive approach to modern marketing.


Today, organizations are tasked with developing and maintaining digital marketing programs across a constantly evolving spectrum of channels. “Always On” marketing is demanded. An endless sea of marketing technologies promise rapid time-to-launch. Barrier to entry is low. Switching costs are high.

As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure Modern Marketing performance, health and compliance. While most organizations rely on a “first responder” approach to resolve issues and improve process, we believe that a proactive strategy can and should be employed.

Level Decisions combines advanced monitoring tools, sage analysis, and objective reporting to provide marketers with a complete view into the performance of their marketing universe. As a result, we help customers maximize marketing performance, ensure compliance and health, as well as identify opportunities for revenue growth. To learn more, contact us.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

- Benjamin Franklin

Core Methodology

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Level Decisions has established alliances with a network of marketing technology service providers across North America. From marketing strategy to API development to managed services (and beyond), our partners contribute to the development and delivery of our proactive service methodologies. In addition, where appropriate, our partners work directly with clients to provide additional services. To learn more about our network, contact us.


Level Decisions is a proactive marketing service provider. We are committed to working with organizations to ensure the long-term success of their Modern Marketing investments. We deliver on this commitment through an unbiased, level-headed approach to service and solution delivery – grounded in a set of core values and upheld by a team and network of experts.

In 2007, our founder, Karim Jina was at the forefront of the Modern Marketing industry as a member of the Eloqua professional services team. Subsequently, he co-founded Tegrita Consulting Group, a leading marketing automation consultancy. Level Decisions has managed or consulted on more than 500 marketing automation projects, culminating in more than 18,000 hours of direct Modern Marketing consulting experience.

Level Decisions is focused on addressing the “Always On” marketing challenge. With a seemingly endless sea of marketing technology solutions, more channels, increasing expectations and fewer resources, the ability to ensure marketing performance, compliance, and health is becoming more challenging every day. Level Decisions provides proactive services and solutions to address this issue.